Impactful PTSD Treatment

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    Get Help With Your PTSD

    Cognitive Processing or CPT is, in essence, a branch of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that specifically focuses on trauma. PTSD and trauma come in many forms and while military members and those who have served are often diagnosed with PTSD, it is not exclusive to that population. Trauma and PTSD can be formed from past sexual assault, car accidents, abusive childhoods, or any other event that the person perceives as traumatic. Regardless of the source of the trauma you are experiencing, Revibe Therapy in Winter Park can help. We have trained-and-certified CPT therapists and CBT therapists on staff who are ready and willing to help in any way they can. Get the help you deserve and learn more about CPT at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park today.


    Why Choose Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park?

    • We offer flexible sessions to meet your needs like telehealth and in-person options
    • We are a Top Rated Local® mental health services provider
    • We work with a variety of insurance providers to ensure you get the help you deserve
    • We make sure all of our CPT therapists have all necessary experience and qualifications
    • We truly care about making a difference and helping people work through their trauma in a healthy, safe environment

    If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Revibe Therapy in Winter Park can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

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    What is CPT?

    CPT is essentially a more focused form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or (CBT). CBT focuses on identifying a clear goal; gaining perspective on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are problematic in achieving the said goal; and working on restructuring your thinking to filter out the untrue negative thoughts that are not helping you. CPT takes a very similar approach, but is specifically tailored to people experiencing PTSD or trauma. This trauma can be from military service, first-responder experiences, childhood abuse, rape, natural disasters, or any other event perceived as traumatic for the person experiencing it.

    According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, “CPT teaches you how to evaluate and change the upsetting thoughts you have had since your trauma. By changing your thoughts, you can change how you feel.” Much like standard CBT, CPT provides you with the tools and perspective necessary to cope with trauma and the harmful thoughts and behaviors that can surround it. CPT is well known in the behavioral health community for its effectiveness in treating PTSD and trauma. To learn more about CPT and how Revibe Therapy in Winter Park can help you, feel free to reach out anytime.

    What To Expect From CPT At Revibe Therapy

    At Revibe Therapy in Winter Park, you can expect roughly 12 total sessions done on a weekly basis. Some people may need more or fewer sessions depending on the severity of symptoms, how they’ve been living with the trauma, and other contributing factors. Generally, when working through CPT, automatic thoughts and the traumatic event itself are explored. Then, the trauma is processed with the help of the CPT therapist. Finally, the troubling automatic thoughts and behaviors surrounding the trauma are addressed and modified to help the traumatized person see the situation clearly and truthfully. The goal is to provide the tools and help necessary for the person to have a higher quality of life and overall mental functioning.



    At Revibe Therapy in Winter Park, we want to help people in any way we can. If you or someone you love are struggling with PTSD or trauma of any kind, we can help. Contact us today to get started with your CPT.