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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

A Guide to Mental Health Services and Insurance


Many people across the world suffer from mental illnesses, even if they don’t openly speak about it. Mental illnesses — including depression, anxiety, trauma, and more — can seriously affect your daily life. At Revibe Therapy in Winterpark, we want to help you learn more about the mental health services that are available to you, as well as what types of insurance coverage we accept. It may feel as if your choices for help are limited, but we are here to help show you that there are more options available than you may think.

While many people with mental illnesses may feel ashamed or embarrassed about their disease, our team of experts here at Revibe Therapy would like to help you understand that there are a wide range of treatment options available, as well as types of insurance policies that we accept. Revibe Therapy in Winterpark offers mental health services, including hypnotherapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, and more. While we realize that taking medications for mental illnesses is an option, we also want to make sufferers aware of alternative treatments, such as hypnotherapy. We understand that the mind, heart, and spirit are all connected, so rather than targeting one area, our approach focuses on all three for the best results. 

Hypnosis puts the patient in a trance in order to allow the conscious mind to communicate with the unconscious mind. This is considered a natural state, as your mind may retreat to a hypnotic state multiple times a day, such as when you zone out driving yourself home. Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis and psychotherapy in order to create a more powerful type of treatment. Hypnotherapy targets your subconscious, which makes up 95% of the mind and has recently become recognized as an accepted medical therapy that can help treat a variety of medical and physiological conditions. 

Sufferers of mental illness often do not seek help because they are ashamed or they don’t want to be put on medications with harsh side effects. Hypnotherapy provides a highly effective treatment without the harsh effects on your body. In fact, because our experts at Revibe Therapy target the body as a whole, rather than solely the mind, you will not only find relief from your illness, but will feel better overall. 

Revibe Therapy believes in making mental health treatments accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we accept multiple insurance plans. We currently accept Aetna, Cigna, Florida Blue, Florida Hospital Advantage Care, Medicare, and United Health Care. For more information about our accepted insurance plans, visit our insurance page.

Our experts at Revibe Therapy understand that searching for mental health treatment can be discouraging, but we are here to let you know that there are more solutions than you may have thought. Hypnotherapy provides an effective, non-invasive treatment that will help restore your quality of life and get you back to being happy and healthy. If you suffer from a mental illness of any sort, contact Revibe Therapy in Winterpark today.