Depression is the hopelessness and the feeling of “not wanting to try,” because frustration was and has become too much. Frustration is a sign that what you have been doing has not been working, thus, many repetitions of an action and sacrifice that does not work out for you places you at a higher possibility to quit. 

Despair is the severe version of depression where a person’s thoughts transforms into internal, repeated phrases such as: “Nothing will ever work, Everyone hates me, no one loves me, I am never going to make it, there is always something bad going to happen,” and so on.

Depression is regarded as one of the most dangerous feelings since severe levels of depression or despair, when left untreated, can lead to suicide. When we look at severe depression, we have to look at what causes frustration, and frustration is often caused by stress and anxiety, since a person’s thoughts are too disorganized. 

Disorganized thoughts can make us feel like we are not achieving our goals, not just the academic goals, but life goals as well. This does not happen right away, but any unattended feeling obtains stronger intensity and reinforcement with each repetition. 

Hypnosis for depression and hypnosis for anxiety can help stop the cycle of negative thoughts. If depression or anxiety is getting in the way of your life, Revibe Therapy in Winterpark can help. Get in touch today. 

Things that can bring high amounts of stress and frustration

Life Problems

Whether our issues are related to our school, job, or family relationships, life problems can make us perceive that what we are doing is not working. The mind will increase our feelings of frustration until we can no longer handle the cause of the frustration and our anxiety or depression starts interfering with our day-to-day life. 

When our foundational relationships are imbalanced, our view of our existence, our value as a person, our world view, thought patterns, behavior, and our spirituality shift as well. Many people take medications in order to get by without addressing the root of what is causing their anxiety or depression.

When you can identify your negative patterns of thinking, where you learned them and the purpose that kind of thinking served, you can start to get to the root of your problems. You can see how it has been growing stronger each time the particular emotion has been present. We have to address what got us there in the first place, and hypnotherapy can help. If you’re struggling, contact Revibe Therapy in Winterpark and try hypnosis for anxiety or hypnosis for depression. 

Lack of exercise

If there was such thing as a pill that could give you the benefits exercise gives us, it would be the number one pill recommended for everyone in the world! Exercise allows for more oxygen and glucose to circulate to the brain, making your thinking more clear and focused. Exercise is amazing, especially when paired with a good caveman-paleo diet. Exercise also stimulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin which directly impact your mood. You can also incorporate an exercise routine alongside your hypnotherapy treatments at Revibe Therapy.

A poor diet

Even though exercise is quite important, it can’t undo a poor diet. This is because insulin plays a great part in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Blood sugar also plays a big part in regulating your mood. 

Testosterone can also be caused by blood sugar levels, and men with low testosterone often have high levels of anxiety, depression, frustration, and poor tolerance to stress. On the psychological side, testosterone thrives on winning, so if you feel like you are losing, testosterone decreases. The same can be said when women have decreased estrogen. Low estrogen in woman invites depression, mood swings, hot flashes, headaches, migraines, irregular periods, and UTI infections.


Another cause of frustration is boredom. Boredom is a product of not having any defined goals, any challenges, or objectives. Being bored is a feeling that communicates to you that you are not running on the same path as your own genetics, which are designed to thrive by sacrifice (doing the things you need to do) and then reward (doing the things you want). Without definitive goal that you’re setting out to achieve, a lack of purpose starts setting in, and hopelessness may appear, which is depression. Boredom is the shortest route to depression.

To solve the issue with frustration, which is the feeling alerting you that what you are doing is not working, the solution is to do something different. However, doing something different will automatically increase anxiety, since you may not necessarily know where this “new and different path” is taking you. 

Making a conscious effort of risking anxiety and still making a change is a big part of overcoming frustration. Hypnosis for anxiety or hypnosis for depression can also help. This is all a step by step process you can proceed to do with your psychotherapist. You can also search out alternative medicine, like hypnotherapy, which is a much easier way to rebalance. Hypnotherapy, like the kind we offer here at Revibe Therapy in Winterpark will get to the root of how you learned the feeling and under what circumstances, so that the subconscious works with you and not against you. Get in touch today to get started.