1. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: What It Is and Isn’t

    Everyone has heard someone call someone else “OCD” at one point or another. Whether it be because that person likes things very clean, won’t stop studying hard for a test, or likes things a certain way, they’re bound to have been given the OCD label a time or two. But while this use of OCD h…Read More

  2. Sexual Trauma Therapy at Revibe Therapy

    Unfortunately at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park, we often work with victims of trauma in general and trauma of a sexual nature. But, we are glad that our team possesses the skills and experience necessary to help those in need. In today’s blog at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park, we talk a little bit …Read More

  3. BPD Treatment at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park

    BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health disorder that we commonly help with at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park. In today’s blog, we dive into what BPD is, its symptoms, BPD treatment, and more. Keep reading to learn more or reach out to us at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park anytime t…Read More

  4. The Difference Between Bipolar 1 Disorder and Bipolar 2 Disorder

    At Revibe Therapy in Winter Park, we often help those who are struggling with Bipolar Disorder. Our Bipolar Disorder treatment utilizes the power of EMDR therapy to help clients feel safe, present, and empowered to work through their difficulties. While many people have heard of Bipolar Disorder bef…Read More

  5. EMDR FAQs

    One of the most popular and effective services we offer at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park is our EMDR Therapy services. We commonly use EMDR Therapy to help treat a number of problems our patients encounter. It can be used as an anxiety treatment, addictions treatment, trauma therapy, and so much mor…Read More

  6. EMDR and PTSD

    EMDR Therapy has been quickly gaining popularity throughout the last few years. It is becoming a more and more common technique for mental health professionals worldwide — and for good reason! EMDR Therapy has had some promising results for people suffering from a wide variety of mental disorders …Read More

  7. EMDR Therapy Myths

    Many people have heard of EMDR therapy before, but may not be familiar with what it is. Because of this, people talk about it using the limited information they have heard about EMDR therapy and rumors and myths are born. If you are interested in learning all about EMDR therapy in greater detail, ch…Read More

  8. How EMDR Therapy Works

    EMDR therapy has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Many people have at least heard of it and some may have even experienced it for themselves. But for those unfamiliar with EMDR therapy, what it is, and how it works, today’s blog post is for you. Keep reading to learn more about…Read More