Is Telehealth EMDR Therapy Really Just As Good As In-Person?

The short answer is: yes, EMDR Therapy is effective over the televideo therapy services as well as in-person. According to a study done by Howard, K in June of 2018 presented at the 19th EMDR Europe Conference, “There is strong evidence that psychological therapy can be delivered effectively through an online environment, including EMDR Therapy. Innovation Research trials have shown that online therapy has been found to be as effective in reducing symptoms, as therapy delivered face-to-face by a clinician. Evidence is particularly strong for the effectiveness of treatment for anxiety, stress and depression.”

While participating in EMDR Therapy via telehealth may feel a little differently to those who traditionally participate in in-person sessions, the benefits are just as powerful. Now more than ever it’s important to stay at home and reduce unnecessary exposure. With telehealth therapy services at Revibe Therapy, you can get the treatment you need in a safe and effective manner. Schedule a televideo therapy appointment at Revibe Therapy in Winter Park today to see the benefits for yourself!

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