Restoring Your Positive Vibes

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Hypnosis WORKS!

Jose, I want to first take the time to express my sincere gratitude for how zealous and professional you are about helping us to change and becoming better versions of ourselves through this modality of healing… hypnosis. Not to mention your kindness in assisting me when I thought I had to cancel due to unforeseen financial issues. You never turned me around which you could have, which is truly indicative of the fact that you do this with your whole heart involved. You are worth every investment it requires to assist us in investing in our own healing and freedom.

I found Jose online as I was searching desperately for hope for my partner who WAS addicted to nicotine. I placed a very strong emphasis on WAS because in 4 sessions of hypnosis she has become truly free of the addiction. It has been over a month now and she has absolutely no craving or desire for nicotine having been addicted for 12 years. Having seen such drastic change in such short time, I was amazed and eager to sit in his “miracle” chair.

It is truly a blessing to have experienced hypnosis at this point in my life. I have always been in therapy to deal with childhood trauma and ongoing healing work but I was never exposed to this modality. It is quicker, more practical and allow for you to feel empowered, because the work is really being done within you by you with the guidance of Jose the awesome facilitator/navigator on the journey. The freedom and healing I am experiencing is unlike any other. This does work!!! Hypnosis WORKS!!! Apply and invest in yourself today and become the absolute best version of you.