Restoring Your Positive Vibes

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Jose has altered my life for the best!

I had a crippling phobia that lasted for over 20 years. I went from not being able to be in the same room of a particular bug (panic attacks, hysterically crying, refusing to live in my own place) to being able to comfortably move past the anxiety and kill said bug. It wasn’t just the phobia, we went through deep trauma, anxiety, and anger that I’ve held onto for years.

I felt deeply safe with Jose and this is definitely a guy you want in your corner. He truly made me feel comfortable and was so encouraging. I’ve been to therapy on and off for 11 years and this is the only person that’s made a difference and altered my life for the best (all in about 7-8 sessions although everyone’s experiences and amount of sessions will be different).

He’s a real life superhero. I couldn’t have gotten through this leg of my life’s journey without him. Psychotherapy works but the only true thing to change ME for the better was hypnotherapy. I highly suggest him to anyone who is serious about healing and changing.